Performance Evaluations

WSI has performed a wide variety of successful performance evaluations. They include:

  • Capacity Evaluation and Re-Rating
  • Comprehensive Performance Evaluations
  • Staffing Needs Analysis
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Process Energy Audits
  • Benchmarking
  • Emergency Troubleshooting


Brad provided an audit and telephone support for a severe and longstanding problem with process instability at an Oregon WWTP. He discovered that the anoxic selector that had been incorporated into the aeration basins a year before actually worked too well – removing ALL the readily biodegradable substrate – resulting in none making it to the aerobic zone. The result was zero filamentous bacterial growth and no floc backbone. The small round floc produced dropped like rocks, leaving excessive solids in the effluent. Brad suggested process changes that quickly resulted in substantial decrease in solids loss.


Re-Rating / Capacity Increase

Brad helped Kitsap County (WA) stop a serious denitrification problem in the clarifiers as part of an optimization/re-rating project. As illustrated in the figure below this effort resulted in reduced effluent TSS and almost 17 percent more rated capacity. This re-rating saved the County approximately $4 million in unnecessary construction costs.